With more than 125,000 lights surrounding you, discover a twinkle at every turn as you check out all seven rooms at The Lights at Northgate Mall!

Here is a glimmer of what you’ll find on your sparkly holiday lights adventure:

Twinkle Light Room
31,800 bulbs

The Twinkle Room greets you with twinkle lights from floor to ceiling (yes! even on the floor and on the ceiling!). Tens of thousands of magically twinkling lights, from cascading lights to starlight spheres, carry you to another world.

Arctic Room
22,640 bulbs

It’s like walking on a glacier in this winter wonderland, filled with more than 300 strands of drop lights and 30 glistening snowflakes.

Kid Zone
3741 bulbs

For the kids and the kid in everyone, enter the Kid Zone. Dance on the lit interactive dance floor and watch the colors change! Draw on the chalkboard wall and see how your creation glows under the magic lights.

Light Trail
55,000 bulbs

Walk through this gorgeous and impressive Light Trail. Lights will fully surround you as you meander through the path to get out the other side. Over 1000 strands of lights were used to make this dazzling trail.

Northern Lights
759 bulbs

Escape to the north pole and experience the Northern Lights without leaving the Bay area. Walk through our magical forest to enjoy the sky from every angle!

Light Tunnel
6200 bulbs

Journey through a light tunnel, adorned with warm, white lights on the walls. The drapey multi-colored ceiling overhead will dazzle and delight the whole family.

Tropical Room
5000 bulbs

Fly instantly to a tropical paradise full of instagrammable photo ops! Sit on the bikes (don’t move them, please!) and take a seat and a picture with Vacation Santa. It’s like a trip to Hawaii, no packing required. Enjoy lighted palm trees, a rainbow, lit surfboards, driftwood wreaths, and even a picnic area (no eating!).

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